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    "The specific purpose of WWSGA, Inc. is to collect and maintain the history and pedigree of animals, to provide for their registration; to preserve their purity; and to encourage the further improvement and wider distribution of breeds through research, promotion, and education."

    Getting Started

    Before you can register any animals you must be a client. To get started click the link below. Once you are registered as a client, you can begin registering animals.

    WWSGA Features & Benefits

    Providing a BREED REGISTRY to record documents and maintain Pedigrees of sheep and goats and other exceptional animals upon request.

    Provide THREE HERD or FLOCK for each breed of animal; (1) Fullblood, (2) Purebred and (3) Percentage Programs.

    Provide GUIDELINES for registration which encourage improvement, preservation and wider distribution of each breed.

    A HERD or FLOCK PREFIX is issued to each breeder and is used in tattooing and registration of all animals for identification and certification. Breeder may request a prefix and will be granted their choice when the combination is available.

    Registration and Pedigree CERTIFICATES clearly identify the animal registered with WWSGA, Inc. An embossed seal is present to verify authenticity.

    Provide DNA resources for testing and archives. This may assist a breed in establishing credibility and/or animal identification.

    Breeder is provided a WEB PAGE on the WWSGA, Inc. Website. This service is included with the fee for Breeder Profile Index Application without additional charge and is renewable annually. The web page provides visibility and resources on the World Wide Web for breeders to educate the public and promote their breed of animal. Breeders are assigned a date to submit new text and digital photographs three times per year.

    Breeder Information is listed on the website BREEDER INDEX as long as the annual fee is paid to maintain the Breederís File.

    RESOURCES for data input, study, and animal management.

    CONTEMPORARY ONLINE SERVICES for registration and pedigree access.