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New Client Sign Up Form

In order to become a client and register your animals with WWSGA,
you must completely fill out the form below.

Registration fee is $10.* (*requires registration of 6 animals-contact WWSGA for this option) Otherwise fee is $65.00, for 1 year. AnnualClient renewal fee of 50.00 is waived if 5 or more animals are registered from "Getting Started date" & days totaling 365!

Fields with a * are required.
Create your Herd Prefix
Herd prefix is a set of letters and/or numbers (not to exceed five) that identify you and or your entity. Once assigned, registered animals will be identified with this set of characters. The herd prefix cannot be changed.
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Client Information
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Login Information
Please enter a username and password that you will be able to rember, but not so easy that anyone can guess and login as you.
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Agent Authorization
Use this form to designate others authorized by the Breeder/Client to sign on behalf of the Breeder/Client:

The signature of one agent will be accepted as sufficient unless other instructions are submitted below.

WWSGA will consider this agent(s) authorized to sign on behalf of the Breeder/Client, until revised Authorized Agent Form is received by WWSGA

I/We (Full name of Breeder/Client)*
Designate the following person(s) to have the authority to sign all documents on behalf of me/us.
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Terms & Conditions
I agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the document above.
By choosing “I agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the document above” for this agreement, I represent and warrant that (i) I have fully and completely read this document and understand the legal effect of it; (ii) agree to use WWSGA Online Product strictly in accordance with the above terms and conditions in addition to the rules, regulations of the WWSGA, Inc.; (iii) UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT THE DISCLAIMERS made by WWSGA, Inc., in this document: and (iv) confirm the Releases which I grant to WWSGA, Inc., by this document.


"I am so happy with WWSGA. Not only can I register my goats with only one click of the mouse, I can track my whole herd with Herd Tracker."

"WWSGA made it so easy for me to register my animals. I forgot to do one of the steps and Denise called me and helped me to complete the process."