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About Us

"The specific purpose of WWSGA, Inc. is to collect and maintain the history and pedigree of animals, to provide for their registration; to preserve their purity; and to encourage the further improvement and wider distribution of breeds through research, promotion, and education."

It is WWSGA's Mission to continue to enhance our client's opportunities by providing a foundation for; documentation, registration and archives, while building contemporary resources to help our client's achieve their goals.

Clearly, each species of animal has something to offer man. Choosing a species and a breed which are best suited for an origin is a first step. Developing and managing a particular species and breed could be considered an art.

Consideration to all attributes of such an animal certainly allows for planning and reasonable goals. Having a resource with a foundation of animals for reference assists with opportunities to evaluate all information supplied by breeders throughout the world.

Collecting data, tracking genetics and performance to allow for EPD (Expected Progeny Differences) reporting only enhances opportunities for a breed to continue to offer man its best.

WWSGA would like to encourage you to document data concerning your animals. Should you cross your animals with other breeds, carefully tracking and submitting data will allow the opportunity for breed development giving consideration to the animal's indigenous attributes, having better chances for improvement and survival.

Data may offer considerable knowledge which may assist in optimal; gene selected reproduction, herd management and quality meat production. Intern higher profits for individual or corporate ranches. This is not unique; knowledge gained by data may be powerful for your future.

It is important to understand, with current technology and the world market, that even being a small ranch with only few animals, one has a unique opportunity, to enhance the possibilities for producing the best animals possible.

Living in today's world, means a breed of animals can be here for the future, while not spoiling generations of breeding and loosing its fine qualities.

Carefully collecting your animals, being as certain as possible of their genetics and parentage and providing data for EPD's, allows breeders knowledge necessary for continued success in order to take the first step; picking the breed best suitable to the environment for which they will live, creating a win, win, win situation for the breeder and the animal!